Posted on Sep 17, 2020
Many thanks to Dr. Rolf S. Lulloff, MD, with the Brain Center of Green Bay, for joining Green Bay West Rotary this week to share an important message on an epidemic facing so many people and their caregivers who are coping with brain disease and disorders like Parkinson’s and dementia.
Started in 2017 by Dr. Lulloff and four other health care professionals, The Brain Center of Green Bay is a nonprofit organization that works to maximize brain health throughout life by increasing individual and societal awareness and action utilizing the Collaboration, Advocacy, Research and Education (C.A.R.E) model.
What can we do to delay and prevent brain disease? Dr. Lulloff provided a few tips: physical activity which includes cardio like walking or biking, simple strength exercises focused on major lower body muscle groups; a diet low in carbs that includes proteins and Omega3 fatty acids; and standing balance exercises.
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