“The light music of whisky falling into glasses made an agreeable interlude.” James Joyce, Dubliners
Brothers Mark and Todd Stricker, Mark Nolan and Jeff McCarthy put their Harvard educated minds together and decided on a venture: a distillery. It may not be the predictable decision, but their creation, Rush Creek Distilling is dedicated to craftsmanship, and genuine craft distilling. Their specialty: bourbon.
Thanks to Todd, with help from Mark and Jeff, for walking us through their beautiful facility in Illinois and sharing with us the trade secrets that makes their bourbon unique. Located in proximity to major metropolitan cities in Wisconsin and Illinois, plenty of grains that grow right outside their back door and plentiful water sources, Rush Creek houses at least 6,500 barrels of 16 percent rye bourbon.
Todd walked us through the process from formation to distilling. On Oct. 3. Rush Creek will celebrate its third anniversary with the release of a new bourbon, and in the works is a new peanut butter cup bourbon liquor -- whaaat??!! Sounds delicious.