Posted on Mar 19, 2020
Green Bay West Rotary Club is sending out a call to action to support the greater Green Bay community in this time of uncertainty over the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Club members are mobilizing members, other service clubs and community members with the We’ll Be Back Initiative encouraging the purchase of gift cards from local businesses.
“We are asking individuals who have the means right now to purchase gift cards from local restaurants and retailers. This will give the businesses some much needed cash to help them get through this crisis,” says Bob Faulds, club president. “This idea isn’t unique, but it’s a simple and meaningful way that we can lead action and in essence, lift all boats.”
We’ll Be Back initiative is a reference to the need to avoid personal contact with others in settings such as restaurants and retail businesses to slow the spread of coronavirus, and also the promise to our businesses owners that its customers will return when the crisis has eased.
“We believe now is the right time to lead an effort in the community to support businesses and as well, their means to support their employees,” Faulds says. “Use your fingers and phone to do the interacting. We also have noticed some restaurants are offering incentives to purchase gift cards, giving buyers more for their dollar, so this is a clear sign that our businesses are asking for help.”
Here’s how to participate:
  • Go to the business’ website and purchase a gift card online. Let them know your purchase supports the We’ll Be Back initiative.
  • If online purchases are not available, call the business to purchase a gift card over the phone and request the card be mailed to you.
  • If the business has temporarily closed, use the business’ website to send a message asking to contact them to purchase a gift card.
In addition to purchasing gift cards for yourself or your business, consider purchasing gift cards for gifts for your employees, friends, colleagues or family members.
Fauld stresses that Rotary is not asking people to visit businesses to purchase gift cards during this crisis.
“If you have the means and are willing to pay your local purchases forward, purchasing a gift card online or over the phone is one way we can help and pay it forward for our community in this time of need.”
Green Bay West Rotary Club
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