Posted on Oct 29, 2020
As they say in Wisconsin, we have fall, winter and orange barrel season. We just can’t wait for the next road construction season, especially if it will help clear up traffic snarls and safety issue on U.S. 41. Many thanks to Tom Buchholz, Project Development Manager for the Northeast Region of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, for filling us in on the project timeline.
The project includes a number of safety and road condition improvements to be made in Outagamie and Brown counties. The project plan includes expansion of the highway to six lanes, interchange reconstruction, safety and weight upgrades and the Brown Count bridge connector project. Other concerns that will be address include noise reduction for residential areas and an upgrade of the weigh station in Brown County. The timeline calls for an additional public hearing in July 2021 (public hearings were held in spring 2020), engineering in 2022-24 and construction possible from 2025-29.