Many thanks to Mary Bouche, Development Director for Curative Connections, for sharing the importance of No Limits and Ability Awareness Week – which is right now, July 27-31. Did you know there is a new symbol for disabled person parking? Businesses and organizations are encouraged to adopt a new icon which displays an active, engaged image with the focus on the person, not just the disability.
Ability Awareness Week is a weeklong series of activities to showcase the abilities of people who otherwise with would be labeled as having a disability and highlighting the enrichment they bring to our community.
We can all participate by encouraging our workplaces to adopt the more active and strong disabled person logo, visit local businesses including Uncle Mike’s, Zambaldi’s Beer, Heartland Pizza and Schlotzky’s Deli for ways to enjoy good food and give back, and donate online.
No Limits is a collaboration of the largest disability service agencies in the Green Bay area:  ASPIRO, CP and Curative Connections. Learn more at