Posted on Nov 10, 2020
Many thanks to Devon Christianson and Deb Weisner with the ADRC for joining us this week to talk about the future, and especially the future of our community. The big question is, what do we want it to look like? Devon tells us COVID-19 has put into high gear some of the current trends that have been moving, but at a slower pace.
She outlined futurist Thomas Frey’s 19 elements impacted by this chaotic time and how ADRC may be impacted in ways it could not have anticipated. Untended consequences of the pandemic for senior citizens and the disabled in our communities include isolation and its affects on physical and mental health financial losses, good and services, how does work happen and travel –just to name a few. What an invigorating conversation, and important to discuss as the only certain these days is change. Thank you Devon and Deb!
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