We jumped the pond this week for a little vacay to the U.K. where we chatted with Lisa Hunter. Lisa is founder of the Rotary Club of Maidenhead Bridge. We sought to learn all we could about how this club has accomplished goals that are synchronous with ours – nearly doubling membership in eight years, creating a signature event and many other community focused events, and volunteering more than 2,000 hours of volunteer time to our community.
So inspiring was Lisa, who shared that much of the of club’s success is due to great marketing, and breaking the mold – meetings on weekends, children welcome, no committees, lower fees spreadout monthly. Blasphemy you say? Not at all. From the World Needs More campaign, Reindeer Races, Pimp My Community, Business Partners, and the more accessible club model, we are inspired. And grateful. Thank you Lisa – our cup of ideas runneth over!
Learn more about this club:  http://rotary-in-maidenhead.org.uk/