Posted on Aug 04, 2020
What an honor to have Lee Rasch, director of LeaderEthics Wisconsin and former President of Western Technical College, join us virtually to share a great message that’s so important in our turbulent times.
We’re proud to share this video which demonstrates today’s great political divide by (Howard-Suamico) Bayport student Trevor Connaher. The video was recognized nationally through the C-SPAN Classroom’s StudentCam documentary contest.
What can we do?
Lee Rasch of LeaderEthics Wisconsin ( presented great opportunities.
  • Support leaders who reinforce teamwork and collaboration, who can set the tone to break down political silos.
  • Participate in candidate forums and ask candidates questions like “how will you represent all constituents?”
  • Don’t share information on social media that you haven’t investigated the source of.
  • Reach out to the next generation and urge their activism.
LeaderEthics Wisconsin’s website has citizen guide that will help with all of these action steps. We urge you to take a look and take action for a better world.