Posted on Apr 28, 2020

It's so important that we help where we can in our community. We're grateful to those who have participated in the Green Bay West Rotary's We'll Be Back initiative - our goal is to keep our local businesses alive by buying gift cards to use later when we're able to be together again. Our very own Dennis Rader purchased gift cards from local restaurants and guess what?! ..... he donated them to the The Salvation Army of Greater Green Bay. Here's what the recipients of those LOCAL restaurant gift cards had to say:

From a woman trying to hold back tears who had been doing all the cooking for her family and elderly parents, "This gives me goosebumps!"

A dad and son came to get their pantry. They have a family of four. Our Social Services Director Nan explained about the gift card and asked if they would like one. Right away the son said "please, daddy, take it so we can treat mommy tonight."

And comments from a veteran who struggles with PTSD. She was so happy to get the gift certificate so that she could have the night off from cooking for her family, but equally as pleased that the restaurant was offering drive-up service to get the food. Due to her PTSD, she cannot handle crowds so she is not able to go out to eat.

And this from the Salvation Army: You never know how a small act of kindness will affect someone's day, but we sure know it has an impact on the joy it brings to us as we continue serving our community during a time of increased need.