At our February 7 meeting Bruce Deadman told the Club about the tour and other good times he and his wife Sandy had in Cambridge England over the holidays courtesy of the Cambridge Rutherford Rotary Club. 
At our February 7 meeting we learned about Cambridge England and one of its Rotary Club from Bruce Deadman and 3 Cambridge-Rutherford Club members, who joined us via Zoom. Bruce and his wife Sandy were in Cambridge over Christmas, and were given the "royal treatment" by the Cambridge Club. They were given a walking  tour of this ancient university town by Cambridge members Gordon Hannah ( a retired guide) and David Hervey- Murray, followed by a Christmas party and lunch with the Club at (where else) a local pub. A wonderful day of friendship and fellowship. 
The Cambridge/Rutherford Club meets at Queens College, whose buildings date back to the late 14 hundreds. They have several ongoing projects, including an effort to restore Cambridge's majestic elms to the town using clones of disease-resistant survivors located by the Club's Environmental Officer, Duncan Mackay, who gave us additional details about the project via Zoom. Bruce and Sandy made a 100 pound donation to that project in the name of our club. 
The Cambridge Club also created a map of Cambridge's core area for use by visually handicapped visitors (shown here with Sandy and David)