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The Green Bay West Rotary is committed to serving local, national, and international communities, with special dedication to enhancing the lives of youth and increasing international cooperation and understanding.
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Another great Green Bay West Rotary meeting on Zoom today!! We just love hearing from the experts on what's going on in our community, state and the world these days. Thanks so much to Dr. Brandon Hayes, Clinical Director of the Fox Valley Clinic for Christian Family Solutions, who shared with us the status of mental health in our community during these trying times. We love the tips to stay active, practice positive mindset and making sure we have fun along the way. We know Dr. Hayes is extremely busy with the tremendous workload of patients that he sees from early morning to late evening -- we so appreciate all that he is doing for our community members, and we're grateful for his time this morning. Thanks again to Rotarian Dave Wendland who helped make this connection to Dr. Hayes.

Steve Baue, CEO of ERC Counselors and Consultants, provided a great reminder today that it's our job to take care of ourselves and share concern for those around us. Especially now, he says, it's important to notice any changes in the people we live and work with, ask if they're OK and listen. Just Be Nice. Many, many thanks to Steve for joining our weekly Zoom meeting!

Many, many thanks to Dr. Jason Paltzer, Assistant Professor of Epidemiology at the Baylor University who joined us May 5 from Waco, Texas. Dr. Paltzer grew up in Wisconsin's Fox Valley area and is a friend of Rotarian Dave Wendland. Through this connection, Green Bay West Rotary Club was given tremendous insight into the science behind the coronavirus, and what makes it such a risk in many communities. For this we are grateful. Thank you Dr. Paltzer!
Isn't it amazing how far apart we are but great technology brings us together in ways we hadn't really considered before?

A great big THANK YOU to the staff and players from the UW-Green Bay Green Bay Phoenix Volleyball for joining Green Bay West Rotary's virtual club meeting this week! It's so great to see how strong their bonds remain even though we are all so far apart right now. It's all because of a dynamic strategy lead by Coach Abbey Sutherland that combines accountability with daily routine, mental and physical wellbeing check-ins and fun. Looking forward to the next season so we can get out and support our local Division 1 Athletes!

It's so important that we help where we can in our community. We're grateful to those who have participated in the Green Bay West Rotary's We'll Be Back initiative - our goal is to keep our local businesses alive by buying gift cards to use later when we're able to be together again. Our very own Dennis Rader purchased gift cards from local restaurants and guess what?! ..... he donated them to the The Salvation Army of Greater Green Bay. Here's what the recipients of those LOCAL restaurant gift cards had to say:

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